Welcome to the website of the Namibian Journal of Social Justice (NJSJ). This journal was formed by a group of academics and activists in 2020 with the aim of providing a space to critically engage with and contest the mainstream ideas that underpin the neoliberal global order. It is published by the Economic and Social Justice Trust (https://esjtnam.org). The NJSJ serves as an intellectual platform for social justice academics and activists in Namibia who want to critically question that order and search for alternatives. The journal aims to be a teaching and learning instrument for academics, teachers, students, workers, youth activists, policy makers and others who are willing to wage the struggle for social justice in Namibia.

The NJSJ creates a platform for a critical leftist analysis and ideas which will advance the struggle for social justice. In doing so, the journal will uphold the principles of academic meticulousness and seek quality academic research output and analyses on social justice and related issues. At the same time, it is open to different forms of contributions (including opinion pieces, photo essays, case studies etc.) and prioritise substance over form. In other words, the NJSJ will not only accept academic articles of high quality but it will also publish activist accounts of struggles in Namibia, Africa and globally.

This website introduces the NJSJ and its editorial collective. It also presents the call for papers for the upcoming edition and the submission guidelines. The website allows access to all the articles published in the journal. The first volume of 2021 dealt with the housing crisis while volume 2 of 2022 focused on inequality broadly. The upcoming edition of 2023 will deal with livelihoods, informality and the changing nature of work.